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An Extraordinary Journey | Maternity Couple Photo Session

Sometimes in life, you come across extraordinary people. The mom in this maternity couple photo session definitely falls under that category. She beat cancer twice – both times it was ovarian cancer. You can understand why those that love her, especially her sweet husband, have been thrilled about their pregnancy. They were told by a fertility specialist that test results showed a .01% chance of producing an egg. YET, here they are today, blessed to be carrying Baby Bean! Leslie, the amazing woman in these photos, says it best:

“I thank God each day for this life created and the blessing and opportunity he has given us to be parents. He was there this entire time and showed us he is the great physician and all will be done in his time.”

outdoor maternity couple photo session

I am so thankful for the chance to share this journey. I’ll give you a hint of how the story unfolds ~ I have more of this amazing couple’s maternity session, their birth session, and Baby Bean’s newborn session. If you can’t wait, you can find them all on my Facebook page.

When She Smiles

I have very little doubt that when this bundle of joy arrives she will have dimples just like Mom & Dad when she smiles.  They are a few weeks away from Miss Harper’s arrival and cannot wait to meet her.  She will be welcomed with lots of love & joy.  I’m looking forward to seeing your growing family soon!

breath taking! beautiful mom-to-be

As a women & mother, I think the joy of being pregnant is one of the most incredible gifts we can experience. and as a photographer, I am blessed to be able to see this with each maternity session.

austin maternity couple
maternity couple | sandy allen

Beautiful maternity boudoir

This soon to be mom is breath taking ~ sometimes words just cannot describe the beauty of a women, it simply must be seen.
austin maternity breathtaking
maternity boudoir | sandy allen

she’s expecting ~ he’s sharing

Thanks to t and j for a fun-filled evening, you guys were great sports. I look forward to meeting your new addition when she arrives.

fun maternity couple Austin pregnancy photo shoot
fun maternity couple | sandy allen

hot mama ~ maternity portrait shoot

I can honestly say, I have a great job and i get paid to have fun ~ and this maternity shoot was no exception. thanks to a & j for being creative with me and bringing new meaning to the words “hot mama!”