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Romantic Lace Maternity Photography Session

Here is another recent session favorite of mine. Lace does something so special to a beautiful belly. Thinking about some romantic photos for Valentines? Book now and I’ll help you capture a unique moment that you and your sweetheart will love.
beautiful maternity white lace

Beautiful Boudoir Maternity Photo Session

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some of my clients have asked about romantic maternity photos. I’m sharing one of my favorites from a recent session. ¬†Thinking about some romantic photos for your sweetheart?¬†Book now and I’ll help you capture a unique¬†moment that you will both treasure forever.beautiful boudoir maternity

A Beautiful Maternity Perspective

maternity ~ beautiful perspective | sandy allen
maternity ~ beautiful perspective | sandy allen

Sometimes, you look down because the baby kicked and you know that there has to be a footprint left.

Sometimes, you look down because all of the changes feel like they are happening way too fast, and your nervous about what might change next.

And sometimes, you look down because your husband is smiling at you – and you just realized why.


Maternity photography meets boudoir

maternity boudoir | sandy allen

As most of you have realized, not only do I provide maternity photography for a mom-to-be but I specialize in boudoir photography as well.¬† Combining the two, maternity with a boudoir twist, has to be one of my favorites.¬† You ask why?¬† Not only does the aspect of life growing inside of a women continue to amaze but I think every women feels a special sensuality during this time.¬†¬† Not only is it a life changing moment for mom but also those around them — the way their partner looks a them knowing they soon will be holding one of the most precious gifts they ever will receive but also the love their extended family and friends share as excitement builds toward the “arrival”.¬†¬† They will forever treasure the moment captured of their pregnancy but also the beauty they held during that time.

isn’t she lovely?

And, she doesn’t even realize it! This mom to be had the cutest baby belly and I am so excited to say that she got the Belly to Baby package ~ I will be photographing her new addition soon! Here is a little peek at her maternity session last week‚Ķ

beautiful belly maternity boudoir
beautiful belly intimate maternity | sandy allen

breath taking! beautiful mom-to-be

As a women & mother, I think the joy of being pregnant is one of the most incredible gifts we can experience. and as a photographer, I am blessed to be able to see this with each maternity session.

austin maternity couple
maternity couple | sandy allen

Beautiful maternity boudoir

This soon to be mom is breath taking ~ sometimes words just cannot describe the beauty of a women, it simply must be seen.
austin maternity breathtaking
maternity boudoir | sandy allen

hot mama ~ maternity portrait shoot

I¬†can honestly say, I¬†have a great job and i get paid to have fun ~ and this maternity shoot was no exception. thanks to a & j for being creative with me and bringing new meaning to the words “hot mama!”