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A Little Magic From Mom and Dad

austin baby photographer new
dad and newborn | sandy allen

One of the many privileges I get as a photographing newborns is seeing so many great new fathers just starting out. New dads fall in love with daughters almost instantly. The strength to effortlessly support their daughters, no matter how many shots it takes to get that perfect pos. To see her beauty before anyone else.  I can put dads through a lot during a photo session, but they always seem ready for one more pose.  Especially when their little girl is as wonderful as this and mom is willing to work whatever magic is may take to get the shot.  Photos like these are truly a team effort.  Thanks mom, dad, and  Ms. E.


an afternoon with a little cowboy

This little bundle could have gone home with me! He had such long fingers and toes, not to mention he was just too adorable. The boots belong to his Daddy; he wore them on their wedding day and when they did their maternity portraits as well.

Thanks K and N for bringing the little guy in, it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

dad and newborn photography pictures
dad and newborn | newborn photo sessions | sandy allen
austin newborn photographer - these boots were made for napping
these boots were made for napping | sandy allen
newborn baby photography austin newborn sleeping
newborn baby photography | sandy allen

baby in daddy’s hands

This little guy may fit in the palm of his daddy’s hands for now, but I doubt that will last for long.

daddy's hands  newborn studio photography
daddy’s hands | newborn studio photography | sandy allen