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Got Santa?

Sometimes the littlest ones aren’t ready to brave the Christmas shopping crowds to get that first Santa picture. Santa and I are adding a few extra Christmas moments to the calendar! Santa returns on Saturday, December 27th, for special photos with his newest good little girls & boys. With his reindeer fed, his suit freshly-pressed, and not a cookie crumb in sight, these will be the First Santa photos you were wishing for!

I am so happy to have Austin’s favorite Santa Phil! We only have a few First Santa session openings, so please call as soon as possible to schedule: (512) 850 – 4530 or email sandy@momentsfromtheheart.com


Photo session at the studio: 5524 Bee Caves Road, Suite F1, Austin, TX 78746

One Last Look at the Season ~

Say hello to handsome.  Before you think cute Mr C is all business . . .

austin baby maternityWe just ‘uncovered’ some photos from the office Christmas party!  Although one of Austin’s cutest newborns couldn’t reach the lamp shade, there is an elf someplace looking for his cap.

Austin newborn photography celebration

The truth is, Mr. C, I just can’t let the season end.  The stockings are coming down this weekend, but before the decorations all get put away I wanted to share one more moment of holiday cheer.

Whose idea was this?

In each session where special attire — hats, ties, headbands, bows, bow ties — are desired you can’t know how it is going to turn out.  This Little Miss was a trooper right up until the end with her bow.  It was almost as if she finally realized something was on her head and she would have no part of it.  The next 6 frames after are filled with mom putting it on, her taking it off, mom putting it on, her taking it…I think you get the picture here (LITERALLY)!

Even with the battle of the headband at the end you can see from the next few that she was all smiles.  And who would believe that mom thought she’d be serious the entire time.  Needless to say she proved us both wrong 🙂

Tears of Joy ~

Sometimes you just know when a session is done, and this is one of those times.  As soon as my daughter (who is 8) saw this photo she immediately said “Tears of Joy!”.  Of course, I knew she was right.

And, because we can’t just post the outtakes enjoy Miss C at her finest in these ~

Riley’s Holiday Fun Begins ~

This little guy has been coming to see me since he was born. With his energy & personality, there is never a dull moment. He is ready to help Santa ~ and anyone else needing a bit of Christmas cheer.  Thanks to S & B for letting Riley join in the holiday fun with me!