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A Beautiful Maternity Perspective

maternity ~ beautiful perspective | sandy allen
maternity ~ beautiful perspective | sandy allen

Sometimes, you look down because the baby kicked and you know that there has to be a footprint left.

Sometimes, you look down because all of the changes feel like they are happening way too fast, and your nervous about what might change next.

And sometimes, you look down because your husband is smiling at you – and you just realized why.


Meet Denver ~

This little guy — almost 10 pounds of little! — holds a special place in my heart.  His mom is one of my favorite peeps & might I also add the scrapbooking diva.  After the newborn session of her first son she made the cutest, hand-crafted, newborn announcements.  Even I was green with envy 😉  But, as with most second (+) time moms, many things change.  We scramble to fit his newborn session in between visits from the doting grandparents but also between big brothers brief periods of time at daycare as he didn’t want to be away from his baby brother.  As determined women, we knew we were going to make the hour we had very productive.  Yes, you can say the scrapbooker in us came in, so little time & tons of memories to create.  And, this little guy did not disappoint.  Look at the chubs and the rolls of love!

black and white newborn photography
black and white newborn photography | sandy allen
sleeping newborn
sleeping newborn | sandy allen

As much as I wanted to keep him for a few more hours he was off with mom to pick up big brother from daycare & onto dinner with auntie, uncle, cousin & grandma.  Thanks to A & B, and big brother C, for sharing Big D with me.  You can only image the custom birth announcements I had the pleasure of creating with A, B, C & D.

an afternoon with a little cowboy

This little bundle could have gone home with me! He had such long fingers and toes, not to mention he was just too adorable. The boots belong to his Daddy; he wore them on their wedding day and when they did their maternity portraits as well.

Thanks K and N for bringing the little guy in, it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

dad and newborn photography pictures
dad and newborn | newborn photo sessions | sandy allen
austin newborn photographer - these boots were made for napping
these boots were made for napping | sandy allen
newborn baby photography austin newborn sleeping
newborn baby photography | sandy allen