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Getting that Lucky Shot

austin newborn and brother photo shoot

Big brother is enjoying this newborn photo session!

Somehow it happens… call it luck or just a real quick click of the shutter. When you’ve got siblings that are barely two years apart you hope, and pray, to get that one shot mom and dad will love as much as you do <3  


Boy, oh BOY!

You know you are going to have a great time capturing images for your maternity session when the soon-to-be big brother does this number right off the bat…

big brother maternity shoot

But, since my mom didn’t raise no quitter {she was a coach and always pushed us to do our best}, these are a few captures of what we ended up with…

maternity images austin tx

Mom and Dad, I must say that I really did enjoy getting to know Garrett and I look forward to you coming back for your newborn session when little brother arrives. And, I love my new Jack ball on my car — thanks Garrett for sharing with me!


This is one of those moments that may never happen again, these two brothers will forever hold a special place in my heart in large part because of this photo. Not only is it precious, but a “moment” later Baby G decided it was time to eat. Needless to say, Mom and I laughed so hard, and big brother thought it was funny that Baby G was on his “chi-chi”. Moments, that is what life is made of.

austin newborn brother pose
newborn brother | sandy allen