She is loved!

When mom sent me an email to say baby number 3 was on the way I was so thrilled for them THEN she shared it was a girl and I was overjoyed!  With two little boys already this new addition was sure to be welcomed with love from mom and dad plus a few {hundred} hugs from her big brothers.  And her brothers did not disappoint when it came time for her newborn session.  Dressed in pink shirts as presents from their little sister they were the cutest and sweeter than I could have ever imagined.  This will definitely be a portrait to cherish ~

And I can’t help but share one from each of their newborn sessions.  A special link to them all is the wooden box they are in is a family heirloom made by their great-grandfather.  Dad had given mom a wedding day present in it so the theme continues for it to be used during life’s special moments.  I love the idea!

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