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What a difference a year makes!

As I am going through Mr A’s images from his newborn session to post along with one from his First Birthday Celebration it dawned on me that I had not posted mom’s maternity images.  Say what?  Yep, totally hidden away waiting for their extra special debut!

maternity family photos

 And now the wee one that mom carried until her exact due date!

what a difference a year makes - baby photos

Oh, those lips!

I have come to find out that little boys are blessed with the lovely lips and longest eyelashes!  Two things most women would love to have are pretty much guarantees for boys.  And Mr M has them both ~ such incredible eyelashes that are full and dark.  Oh, how I <3 him and all of his cuteness!  From his newborn images — see those lips — to just full on cute now that he is pushing up and according to mom it won’t be long before he is sitting up.  Where does the time go?  Mr M, please slow down or I will need to start asking your mommy and daddy when do they plan to bring me another bundle of joy to photograph.  Hee, hee!

baby photography austin photographer
watch me grow plan | sandy allen


Double the Trouble

Where has the time gone?? It seems like yesterday their mom and dad shared they were expecting not one, but two, little boys! And now we are half way to their first birthday — what, what??

A little walk back in time with Mr Nicholas & Mr Christopher ~ from their newborn session to their 6 month session.

watch me grow newborn twins
watch me grow newborn twins | sandy allen
newborn brothers taking turns
newborn brothers | sandy allen
happy twins growing fast austin
baby photography| sandy allen

Grin and Bear It

I’ve had the joy of watching Miss K become a little lady over the last year.  She has come into quite the personality and has the sweetest of smiles.  Of course, her Big Brother was the same way.

Baby girl watch me grow news Lakeway Texas
Watch me grow | baby photography | 2014

And, we can’t forget the family heirloom {and stuffed bears} both had as part of their one year session.  Thanks mom for remembering each time!


Let’s play ~

When Mr C comes into the studio I know to be prepared for fun & games!  His mom is full of tickles, peek-a-boos, snuggles, and more all for her little guy.  And when I am lucky I get in on the action {yes, he is going to help me}.

ms_2014_03bLets play -  photo session

I must admit that their sessions are some of my favorites to capture…them doing what comes natural, playing together.  How I wish I had these moments captured on film with my mom.  And these are the things I want for my children when I am long gone; the days when we were both young and giggles overflowed!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Meet my friend Michael & his little friend Burt. These two have become good pals over the last year as you can see from his Watch Me Grow sessions. It is hard to believe he is one & just on the edge of walking. And before you know it he will be running… man, how they grow so quickly. Thanks to Mom & Dad in sharing this special time with me. Michael will always be one of my sweet boys!

Watch Me Grow ~ Mr J

Hard to believe it has been almost 7 months since Mr J came into this world and boy, oh boy, is he cute!  Granted, his mommy is one of my close friends, but still, admit it…he is a handsome little fella’!

So, now to the good part, I’m sure you are wondering how exactly we got Mr J to “strike” a pose so similar to the one from his newborn session, right?  Well, honestly, we had nothing to do with it and didn’t even know it happened until I reviewed the images at home.  It all happened so quick, he was happy being on his tummy (for all of maybe a minute), then he had had enough of tummy time and let us know the party was over 🙁  Now the question to ask, Mr J, watcha going to do come your First Birthday Celebration to wow us??  You better get to work on that!

watch me grow baby boy
watch me grow baby boy | sandy allen