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Time slow down…

This little guy isn’t so little any more, he just celebrated 7 months!

Moments from the Heart Photography

Undeniable Connection

That undeniable connection that brings laughter even when you aren’t trying <3

Moments from the Heart Photography
Moments from the Heart Photography

Zombie Santa 2018

Join the zombie apocalypse with Santa this holiday season!  Austin’s favorite Santa will be joining us for Zombie Santa on Saturday, October 6th.  If you are on the hunt to capture the holiday like no other you can book a time with the incredible Meredith Johns & crew of Hawgfly Productions for FX Makeup to join in the zombie experience. Head on over to our Zombie Santa page to schedule your time before they are gone!

My girl ~ Mommy and me

Although I had to bribe Maeson for our “Mommy & me” photoshoot, I think the end result was so worth it.  I heart her!


austin professional portrait mother daughter

My oh my, 50 years!!??!!

austin couples golden anniversary

meet my wonderful in-laws, will & carol, who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend! can you believe it?? 50 years! and, even if i do say so myself, they are looking good for being married half a century.

happy 50th mom & dad, we love you!