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Monday, oh Monday!

too early for a nap? | portrait studio austin tx
too early for a nap? | portrait studio austin tx | sandy allen

In editing images from a recent newborn session this one hit home on how I feel this Monday morning!

Yes, little man, I’m with you. Is it too early for us to take a nap??


This is one of those moments that may never happen again, these two brothers will forever hold a special place in my heart in large part because of this photo. Not only is it precious, but a “moment” later Baby G decided it was time to eat. Needless to say, Mom and I laughed so hard, and big brother thought it was funny that Baby G was on his “chi-chi”. Moments, that is what life is made of.

austin newborn brother pose
newborn brother | sandy allen

Kelly’s Little Man – Newborn

One of my wonderful sorority sisters, Kelly, had her son early and I offered to take newborn photos of him while still at the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) since many of her friends and family had been unable to see him.  Her little man weighed a little more than 2 pounds during his neonatal photo shoot debut — although tiny he does have his mom wrapped around his fingers.

neonatal photography
neonatal photography | sandy allen
neonatal newborn and mom
kelly’s little man | sandy allen

an afternoon with a little cowboy

This little bundle could have gone home with me! He had such long fingers and toes, not to mention he was just too adorable. The boots belong to his Daddy; he wore them on their wedding day and when they did their maternity portraits as well.

Thanks K and N for bringing the little guy in, it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

dad and newborn photography pictures
dad and newborn | newborn photo sessions | sandy allen
austin newborn photographer - these boots were made for napping
these boots were made for napping | sandy allen
newborn baby photography austin newborn sleeping
newborn baby photography | sandy allen

baby in daddy’s hands

This little guy may fit in the palm of his daddy’s hands for now, but I doubt that will last for long.

daddy's hands  newborn studio photography
daddy’s hands | newborn studio photography | sandy allen

Is it time yet? Sleepy newborn

austin newborn studio photo session
sleeping newborn and mother | austin photography | sandy allen

For those of you with little ones you know that their nap time is not always on your schedule ~ but knowing that we wanted some sleeping pictures of this little guy, his Mommy hung in there until she finally got him to sleep. Thanks Sandy & Joey for allowing me to capture some photographs of your little cutie!

SSSHHH, baby sleeping

Thank you to A&B for letting me snap some pictures of their cute little bundle of joy, Conrad! He’s already full of personality and made it known to me, along with Mom & Dad, that he was in charge. I look forward to watching you grow Conrad.

Yawning newborn photo shoot
yawning newborn | austin photography | sandy allen