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Even when crying he is still cute!

We had a great time doing the Valentine’s mini-sessions. Although not everyone arrived in a Valentine’s mood. I finally got mom’s little Valentine to smile and cooperate, but this photo just turned out too cute not to share.

cute valentine baby crying

Lifestyle Newborn Session

newborn lifestyle photo
At 6 days old I think this little guy has the modeling gig down!

When you do a lifestyle session in someone’s home you aren’t quite sure what you will have to work with but as soon as I saw this table — yes, he is laying on a table — I had to ask mom if we could use it. I’m sure they thought I was a little crazy at first but the final image turned out to be one of their favs and mine

Family Fun ~ Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session

Family Fun Newborn Lifestyle photo session

There are “moments” when your rowdy almost two-year old can’t sit still. This for sure is going to happen when trying to get a family shot during your newest additions newborn session. BUT, this is real life. Big brother’s contagious laugh and smile is all him so how can it not make you grin?! Is this the perfect family image? No, but who cares when it is your family. Live. Love. Life!

Getting that Lucky Shot

austin newborn and brother photo shoot

Big brother is enjoying this newborn photo session!

Somehow it happens… call it luck or just a real quick click of the shutter. When you’ve got siblings that are barely two years apart you hope, and pray, to get that one shot mom and dad will love as much as you do <3  


A Little Bookworm

Isn’t this little book worm the cutest?

little baby bookwork

As our two start back to school today it is with happiness knowing the house will be a bit more calm during the day but also a little bit of sadness as the house will be a bit more calm during the day! Best of luck to fellow parents and most importantly to our educators with whom we place our little ones with ♥

Newborn Has the Heart of a Cowboy!

These are just a few of the photos from this family’s amazing journey. I’ve been both their maternity and their birth photographer, and I couldn’t wait for them to get to the studio!

newborn with sonogramLoved the idea that mom had to include his sonogram picture during his newborn shoot. Apparently he thought it a good idea as well based upon the smile.
newborn cowboy in saddleI know we’re going to have a great newborn session when the first prop Dad brings in is a saddle!
newborn and country couple