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Hmm, pink or blue?

Yep, you got it — Pink OR Blue??!!??!!  As of Wednesday mom & dad had no clue as to their new arrival BUT Saturday was the big ultrasound.  Mom was afraid dad wouldn’t be able to resist knowing {pssstt dad, pssstt, don’t do it, don’t do it}!  I, of course, want to help and suggest a name that would work either way:  SANDY!  Yes, yes, I know you think it a great idea too!  😉


And, because I can’t post just one photo ~


Beautiful Bump

Jennifer has one of the prettiest bumps I’ve seen.  And, what made her maternity session even better?  Dad had no clue of the special gift she was giving to him with these intimate images to capture the beauty of her body.  As moms we should take time to remember the incredible change, even when blessed with “tiger stripes” as I was {every mom should take time to read this article}.maternity_2014-fmaternity_2014-e

Seen me before?

If you are a frequent visitor to the site or our Facebook page you’ll recognize this lovely belly ~

beautiful progression maternity photography
beautiful progression | sandy allen

And, how would you like to see the beauty within the belly?  Without further delay here is Princess Emily ~

newborn photo cake topper
newborn cake topper | sandy allen
belly to baby photographer  mommy and daddy
belly to baby mommy and daddy | sandy allen
belly to baby longhorn
belly to baby longhorn | sandy allen

Would you believe the crown was the cake topper from Mom & Dad’s wedding cake ~ what a special touch!



Coming Soon

I have enjoyed getting to know mom over the last two years so when I got the email saying another one was on the way I was so excited!  While I love watching little ones grow {see cute big brother at his newborn session}, I love even more watching families grow.  And with a few weeks left the count down has begun!    austin maternity photography

Get ready for blue

And I don’t just mean blue eyes! This sweet one will most likely have a baby brother by the end of the day. I can’t wait to meet Mr Dylan at his newborn session. We all anxiously await your arrival!

The Beauty Behind the Belly ~

For the last nine months sneak peeks have been posted on Facebook of the beautiful belly of Mrs Leah.  With the Watch Me Grow ~ Belly Style she has been coming to the studio every month to document her pregnancy.  It has been an incredible experience for myself to share in this journey with Leah and now that her little one has arrived I miss seeing her each month.  But, her baby girl, Miss Emily — who will be coming soon to the blog — is absolutely adorable!  Without further delay, the beauty behind the belly ~

Austin maternity photo - beauty behind the bellyAustin baby belly maternity photography - nine months of beauty!

Pretty Pose

This momma came ready to strike a pose & boy, oh boy, did she!  And the wonderful accessories she brought made me feel like I was playing dress up.  I’d secretly hoped she’d forget to take her bag of jewels so I could play dress up myself.  Maybe next time — hint, hint.  I’m anxiously awaiting for this little ones arrival!