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What a difference a year makes!

As I am going through Mr A’s images from his newborn session to post along with one from his First Birthday Celebration it dawned on me that I had not posted mom’s maternity images.  Say what?  Yep, totally hidden away waiting for their extra special debut!

maternity family photos

 And now the wee one that mom carried until her exact due date!

what a difference a year makes - baby photos

Sharing in the Adventure

It is great sharing in the adventure first time parents are on as they look forward to the arrival of their little one.  And from the moment I first talked to mom on the phone I knew we’d have a great time getting to know one another.  It is one of those times I was ready for her maternity session to happen the next day, not in a month! Plus all of the fun we were already putting in place for the newborn session {those will be coming to the blog soon}.  Enjoy the beautiful bump!

maternity adventure photography

maternity couple photography

1 plus 1 = 4

Yep, 1 plus 1 = 4 when it comes to having twins!  You read it right, twins on board.  And adding  to the fun – twin boys!  These little guys can’t help but make you fall in love.  This was a newborn session that I could have kept shooting for hours because we were having that much fun.  These two brothers would snuggle right into one another and sleep peacefully.  It was incredible!


Our Superhero!

I have the best time getting to know my clients when they come in to the studio for their sessions.  This Mom and Dad were quite the pair! I must admit that Dad and I giggled most of their maternity session.  When they brought in their superhero {see cute pose below} for his newborn session, I honestly had to wonder if Dad ever stopped smiling.  Yep, as soon as we caught the pose Dad immediately agreed that we needed a superhero theme for their birth announcement.  So, Watch Out World, Mr P is ready to take you on!

austin maternity newborn photographer
our super hero | sandy allen

A Family Addition

For anyone that is a pet parent it is like adding “another sibling” when your first baby comes along.  SO, without further delay Miss Olive is happy to announce the arrival of her new brother, Baby M!  Aren’t they they cutest?

newborn photos  new puppy
puppy love | sandy allen
infant photography
love those blue eyes! | sandy allen

And, because Miss Olive was such a sweet, sweet big sister I can’t help but share one more of her.  My son thinks she needs to come stay with us now but I assure him that doggie duty is lots of work and he better practice on his fish a bit more 😉

maternity pet photos
you can’t help cute | sandy allen

He Is Prepared!

If there was a big brother any more excited that this one then he should hang out with Big Brother Tré.  With a bigger age difference the older sibling understands what is going on and Mr Tré was no exception.  When I asked him about his soon to be Little Brother he couldn’t help but smile!

Oh, and before sure to scroll down to the bottom to see dad in action.  Yep, I told him if he “acted a fool” I was going to put it up for all to see.  And of course both mom & dad got a kick out of the image!


Hmm, pink or blue?

Yep, you got it — Pink OR Blue??!!??!!  As of Wednesday mom & dad had no clue as to their new arrival BUT Saturday was the big ultrasound.  Mom was afraid dad wouldn’t be able to resist knowing {pssstt dad, pssstt, don’t do it, don’t do it}!  I, of course, want to help and suggest a name that would work either way:  SANDY!  Yes, yes, I know you think it a great idea too!  😉


And, because I can’t post just one photo ~