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Belly to Baby Photography packages for Austin maternity and newborn portraits.

Hmm, pink or blue?

Yep, you got it — Pink OR Blue??!!??!!  As of Wednesday mom & dad had no clue as to their new arrival BUT Saturday was the big ultrasound.  Mom was afraid dad wouldn’t be able to resist knowing {pssstt dad, pssstt, don’t do it, don’t do it}!  I, of course, want to help and suggest a name that would work either way:  SANDY!  Yes, yes, I know you think it a great idea too!  😉


And, because I can’t post just one photo ~


Beautiful Bump

Jennifer has one of the prettiest bumps I’ve seen.  And, what made her maternity session even better?  Dad had no clue of the special gift she was giving to him with these intimate images to capture the beauty of her body.  As moms we should take time to remember the incredible change, even when blessed with “tiger stripes” as I was {every mom should take time to read this article}.maternity_2014-fmaternity_2014-e

Seen me before?

If you are a frequent visitor to the site or our Facebook page you’ll recognize this lovely belly ~

beautiful progression maternity photography
beautiful progression | sandy allen

And, how would you like to see the beauty within the belly?  Without further delay here is Princess Emily ~

newborn photo cake topper
newborn cake topper | sandy allen
belly to baby photographer  mommy and daddy
belly to baby mommy and daddy | sandy allen
belly to baby longhorn
belly to baby longhorn | sandy allen

Would you believe the crown was the cake topper from Mom & Dad’s wedding cake ~ what a special touch!



Bringing it together ~

beautiful belly to baby photography
beautiful belly to baby

When mom brought in this wonderful material — yes, just very large pieces of material — she made it into a lovely dress. So bringing it back to utilize for her son’s newborn session as a drape was a great way to bring it together. I’m looking forward to seeing how it is displayed in his nursery.

Arriving soon

I absolutely love the meaning behind this image — the airplane is actually from mom and dad’s wedding cake and now their little one is about to have his own airplane themed nursery! During the consultation for maternity sessions I ask mom if she has anything special she’d like to bring — family heirlooms, nursery blanket, stuffed animals, etc. And, when Mrs A showed up she did not disappoint. She brought the blanket that she’d used as a baby, her mom lovely mailed it to her to use for her little one. Then, the extra treat of the airplane from the wedding along with all the other airplanes dad (yes, Nick I’m talking about you) brought and lovely had them landing on mom’s belly… it was cute and also special to see just how in love this man is with his beautiful wife and their son. So, without, further reminiscing from me, enjoy your sneak peek!

maternity pregnancy photo session
pregnancy heirloom photo shoot | sandy allen