Intimate and Boudoir Photography

A boudoir session is more than posing for photos. Its about having fun, giving yourself permission to be sexy, sensual, and fun without worrying about comparing yourself to anyone else. During almost every session, between clothing changes or refilling a wineglass (yours, not mine) I can’t help but show my client what I am seeing in the camera. As we scroll through the raw images, most clients can’t believe its really them!

I love special-occasion boudoir. You may have noticed many of my clients are expecting – maternity boudoir makes an incredible gift for both yourself and the father! Bridal boudoir makes an excellent gift – bring in both your wedding gown and your honeymoon attire to create a special memory book your spouse will treasure.

More information about boudoir photography

If you are looking for classy and intimate photos that capture your true beauty, contact me about boudoir photography packages. Let me send you my current price list and discuss what we can do to make the gift of you perfect for your partner and yourself. I can also help you arrange boudoir parties with special pricing for you and your friends.

Your privacy is important

Your photos are processed and stored on a secured network. I use photo labs that work exclusively with professional photographers and are committed to client security and privacy. I offer several discrete packages perfect for storing personal images. If you purchase digital images as part of your package, I deliver them burned to an optical drive and can password protect the image files themselves.