The Many Sides of Maternity

Maternity photography by Austin photographer Sandy Allen

Very different sides of Ms. S as we document her maternity – a “Watch Me Grow” for bellies.

As moms know, when it comes to pregnancy there are very different sides – the fun, joyful side as you await with excitement while picking out clothes and names, getting the room ready, hearing from friends and relatives getting excited as well. Then there is the other side – the sensual, beautiful feelings that come from nurturing a new life inside of you. The changes maternity brings can be empowering and moving. Many of my clients count portraits that capture these feelings as their favorites.

Discussing the details of your maternity session will include what type of photos you would like done. This includes planning for photos you want to share with everyone, and those personal private photos just for you and those closest to you. And with Ms. S we plan to do just that with a special “Watch Me Grow” for bellies. This unique maternity session will document her growing addition every month.

The best time to call is as soon as you know you want maternity photos. We discuss your options of a “Watch Me Grow” plan or the “Belly to Baby” plan. Deciding when to have your pregnancy captured is important as well. I have had a mom come in at 28 weeks while several (you know who you are) have come in toward the late part of their pregnancy with contractions.

Thanks again to Ms. S for letting me show two of her beautiful sides. Look for more of her in the coming months as we get ready for a very special arrival!