Oh, those lips!

I have come to find out that little boys are blessed with the lovely lips and longest eyelashes!  Two things most women would love to have are pretty much guarantees for boys.  And Mr M has them both ~ such incredible eyelashes that are full and dark.  Oh, how I <3 him and all of his cuteness!  From his newborn images — see those lips — to just full on cute now that he is pushing up and according to mom it won’t be long before he is sitting up.  Where does the time go?  Mr M, please slow down or I will need to start asking your mommy and daddy when do they plan to bring me another bundle of joy to photograph.  Hee, hee!

baby photography austin photographer
watch me grow plan | sandy allen


And She Smiles

Meet Miss Madison.  See Miss Madison smile.  See Sandy smile when Miss Madison smiles.  The joy of being a newborn photographer!

sleeping newborn girl austin photo session
newborn photography | sandy allen

That’s Adorable!


As soon as my daughter saw the pic of these newborn twins with their evening attire she giggled and said, “That’s adorable!” And who wouldn’t agree with her 110%!

Delicate Little Flower

We can’t share just one of Miss Zoey ~

austin newborn black and white  photography
austin newborn black and white photography | sandy allen
austin newborn wrap
austin newborn wrap | sandy allen

He Is Prepared!

If there was a big brother any more excited that this one then he should hang out with Big Brother Tré.  With a bigger age difference the older sibling understands what is going on and Mr Tré was no exception.  When I asked him about his soon to be Little Brother he couldn’t help but smile!

Oh, and before sure to scroll down to the bottom to see dad in action.  Yep, I told him if he “acted a fool” I was going to put it up for all to see.  And of course both mom & dad got a kick out of the image!


Double the Trouble

Where has the time gone?? It seems like yesterday their mom and dad shared they were expecting not one, but two, little boys! And now we are half way to their first birthday — what, what??

A little walk back in time with Mr Nicholas & Mr Christopher ~ from their newborn session to their 6 month session.

watch me grow newborn twins
watch me grow newborn twins | sandy allen
newborn brothers taking turns
newborn brothers | sandy allen
happy twins growing fast austin
baby photography| sandy allen

Hmm, pink or blue?

Yep, you got it — Pink OR Blue??!!??!!  As of Wednesday mom & dad had no clue as to their new arrival BUT Saturday was the big ultrasound.  Mom was afraid dad wouldn’t be able to resist knowing {pssstt dad, pssstt, don’t do it, don’t do it}!  I, of course, want to help and suggest a name that would work either way:  SANDY!  Yes, yes, I know you think it a great idea too!  😉


And, because I can’t post just one photo ~