Getting that Lucky Shot

austin newborn and brother photo shoot

Big brother is enjoying this newborn photo session!

Somehow it happens… call it luck or just a real quick click of the shutter. When you’ve got siblings that are barely two years apart you hope, and pray, to get that one shot mom and dad will love as much as you do <3  


An Extraordinary Journey | Maternity Couple Photo Session

Sometimes in life, you come across extraordinary people. The mom in this maternity couple photo session definitely falls under that category. She beat cancer twice – both times it was ovarian cancer. You can understand why those that love her, especially her sweet husband, have been thrilled about their pregnancy. They were told by a fertility specialist that test results showed a .01% chance of producing an egg. YET, here they are today, blessed to be carrying Baby Bean! Leslie, the amazing woman in these photos, says it best:

“I thank God each day for this life created and the blessing and opportunity he has given us to be parents. He was there this entire time and showed us he is the great physician and all will be done in his time.”

outdoor maternity couple photo session

I am so thankful for the chance to share this journey. I’ll give you a hint of how the story unfolds ~ I have more of this amazing couple’s maternity session, their birth session, and Baby Bean’s newborn session. If you can’t wait, you can find them all on my Facebook page.

Getting Creative From Every Angle – Maternity Couple Photo Session

Sharing a few of my favorite poses from this maternity couple photo session. Sometimes my maternity shoots can take some time – especially when photographing a couple so obviously in love and wanting both traditional and creative photos. The results were certainly worth it!

beautiful romantic maternity couple photo session

One of my favorite “secrets” to a great maternity photo session is spending a lot of time planning with my clients. Talking about photo ideas. Sharing photo ideas and favorite poses on Pinterest. Making sure my clients know that their maternity session is a collaboration – it takes all of us. Tell me what you want, and I’ll do what I can do make it work.

beautiful outdoor romantic maternity couple photo session

Look at those eyes! One look and you have a good idea as to why hubby can’t say no to her.

This is one of my favorite poses for a maternity couple.  As relaxed as this looks, these angles can be a workout for everyone.  Once you get past a certain number of weeks, getting from the floor back on your feet isn’t always easy.  And I’m running up and down ladders.  When I started my custom maternity sessions, I had no idea my ladders would become almost as important as my lenses 🙂

outdoor maternity couple with ultrasound baby photo

For this maternity photo session, we were able to get several classic shots, some beautiful angles, and even getting baby a starring role via the ultrasound print. And yes, the pose was mom’s inspiration.  Thank you for letting me turn your ideas into these photos!

Can’t Wait To Be A Big Brother

maternity photo becoming a big brother

My favorite photo from this maternity session! I’ve had all sorts of reactions from little ones wait for their new brother or sister, but he can’t wait.

A Little Bookworm

Isn’t this little book worm the cutest?

little baby bookwork

As our two start back to school today it is with happiness knowing the house will be a bit more calm during the day but also a little bit of sadness as the house will be a bit more calm during the day! Best of luck to fellow parents and most importantly to our educators with whom we place our little ones with ♥

Newborn Has the Heart of a Cowboy!

These are just a few of the photos from this family’s amazing journey. I’ve been both their maternity and their birth photographer, and I couldn’t wait for them to get to the studio!

newborn with sonogramLoved the idea that mom had to include his sonogram picture during his newborn shoot. Apparently he thought it a good idea as well based upon the smile.
newborn cowboy in saddleI know we’re going to have a great newborn session when the first prop Dad brings in is a saddle!
newborn and country couple

Becoming a Dad ~ Happy Father’s Day

I love doing Dad and Newborn studio photography sessions.  Some of my favorite photos are the ones with new dads. In my birth photography sessions, I get to capture that amazing moment when a man becomes a “dad” – and it’s a transition I always love to see. In my newborn sessions, I get to see brand new dads and the way they interact with their new babies. Here are some really great dads and the pride, and joy, and love I get to see through my lens.

Happy Father’s Day – and thanks to all the fathers that allow me to capture these moments for them.

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Dad lifting newborn ~ Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Dad with beautiful newborn daughter hardhat ~ Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - New dad holding beautiful newborn daughter ~ Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Dad with beautiful new baby ~ Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Proud new dad holding newborn ~ Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Dad holding cute newborn - Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Newborn in dad's arms ~ Austin, TX

Dad and Newborn Studio Photography session - Newborn in Dad's Strong Arm ~ Austin, TX