Austin Area Birthing Center

Austin Birth Photographer - New Parens

Getting to know this wonderful family before, during, and after their birthing experience was fantastic.  However, a little bit of drama is needed even for the smoothest of deliveries.

I make sure to prepare when the delivery date is near – keeping my bag packed, batteries in the charger, extra memory sticks in my purse.   We were pretty sure, when we met up for dinner, that the next day would be “the day.” When dessert came, I noticed that my phone couldn’t connect to any network.  Thanks to a wi-fi  connection, a quick check of Twitter and forum posts told me Sprint seemed to be going in and out all over town.  There are a lot of “just-in-cases” in  birth photography, and in this case Mom was still able to reach me when they headed out to the birthing center on the new T-Mobile backup “birth mom” phone  I’ve added to my gadget collection.

I really appreciate my new family allowing me to share some of these special moments with everyone.  No matter how many phones it takes!  Thanks to Miranda for her technical assistance and Walmart for their all-night  wireless phone center.